Custom Sawing

Fees, Specifications, and Contract to Saw

Be advised of the following fees and specifications for custom sawing of logs delivered
to the mill:

Sawing fee:     $300/1000 BF sawed
                        $400/1000 BF: 18’ – 22’ and/or 24″-32″ in diam.
                        $500/1000 BF: 24’ and/or 32″-36″ in diam.
                        (Minimum Fee: $30)

Nail Damage Fee:     Actual cost of repairs to sawmill equipment
                                  (Minimum Fee: $30)

Minimum log length:    8 feet 4 inches

Maximum log length:    24 feet 6 inches

Minimum Log Diameter:    10 inches (measured on small end)

Maximum Log Diameter:    36 inches (measured on small end)

  • Nail damage is understood to mean any damage caused by
    imbedded foreign material within a log.
  • Customers shall pay for sawing fees and nail damage prior to the
    shipment/receipt of the lumber.
  • Lumber must be removed within 30 days after notification that the
    customer’s logs have been cut, or a daily storage fee shall be added to the bill.
  • Lumber left over 60 days shall be sold to pay the saw bill and storage fees.
  • Logs must be properly cut and trimmed.
  • Sunrise Sawmill shall not be held responsible for loss, theft, stain, insect or other damage
    to either logs or lumber belonging to any customer.
  • Logs and lumber are left on Sunrise Sawmill, Inc. property at the customer’s own risk.